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ABOUT GALACTICA Galactica is an L1 with unique protocol properties. Powered by zero-knowledge cryptography.Galactica aspires to be the first chain with KYC-contingent transactions. This means that accounts and smart contracts can choose to interact only with other accounts fitting a given profile. This also means that sybil resistance is built directly into the protocol. Protocol level Sibil-resistance enables persistent web3 identities, which allows for a much richer societal substrate to exist on-chain. We refer to this setup as a Cypher State. In layman terms, a Cypher State is a society with all its intricate links and relations existing and interacting directly on a blockchain. Among Galactica’s primary value propositions is that of leveraging zkKYC for Sybil resistance thereby enabling meaningful modeling of real-world societal, financial, and political institutions on-chain. An extremely valuable byproduct of this setup is a protocol that enables regulatory-compliant privacy. Tech Lead Position The overall mission of the Tech Lead, aside from following through with the tech roadmap, is to provide organizational and technical leadership whilst retaining the responsibility for the engineering team’s actions. You will be tasked to get the best out of your team. Standard leadership qualities are a must, such as: exceptional soft skills, responsibility, punctuality and excellent management skills. Problem solving, listening skills, conflict resolution skills and excellence in all things being done are the characteristics which we are looking for and highly value - in a Tech Lead. Aside from being responsible for the task of leveraging the engineering team’s talents and strong sides to fulfill our mission - a Tech Lead’s task is to also leverage the project’s technology to put the company at the forefront of the market. An ideal Tech Lead will guide, inspire and coach their team members and will create an environment where everyone in the team can grow, including the Tech Lead. Primary Responsibilities Responsible for planning and execution of short and long-term transformation cycles to plan and meet organizational objectives, goals; Provide analysis, recommendations, and roadmap to transform all necessary functions and prioritize and execute transformation; Consistently evaluate and identify technology partnerships for new capabilities to identify streams to accelerate overall strategy; Work closely with all functions to transition strategic analysis and recommendations into execution; Provide hands-on coaching to all teams to help them operate at an optimal level to meet the objectives; Develop metrics, cadence, and controls for all teams and work with the Board and function leaders to meet and improve in alignment with strategy and goals; Oversee technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals; Monitor system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency; Collect feedback from stakeholders to make necessary improvements and adjustments to technology. Basic Requirements Bachelor’s degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, statistics, finance or related field; Excellent leadership skills; 3+ years successful experience leading development of software; Strong track record of leading teams and working well internally (including across groups) and externally with partners and other stakeholders; Knowledge of ZK technology; In-depth knowledge of blockchain; Understanding of the Cosmos stack is a plus; Prior experience in the development of a blockchain is a plus. Perks and benefits We are here to work hard and deliver the best products in the space. You will have everything you need to build it with us: Flexible working hours, Solid compensation package including company tokens, Fully remote work or comfortable office, Fully covered participation in conferences and traveling expenses, Occasional team building events, Vacation days well-above industry average. The Application Process The application process for this position consists of an introductory interview, test task, technical interview, and a brief interview with one or several members of the management team. This process may last up to three weeks.


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